BEXLEY NORTH Building Restorations

BEXLEY NORTH Building Restorations

MIKE CHRISTOPHER is a licensed builder, BEXLEY NORTH Building Restorations operating in Sydney and surrounding suburbs since the 1970′s. With my 40 years experience as a Builder, I deliver high-quality work and I respect the wishes of my clients to the utmost. I have worked on all types of properties in my career and am aware of the problems affecting Sydney homes and unit blocks.


  • Building renovations BEXLEY NORTH
  • Building extensions BEXLEY NORTH
  • Building repairs BEXLEY NORTH
  • Arch-bar and lintel replacements BEXLEY NORTH
  • Wall removal BEXLEY NORTH
  • Beams installation BEXLEY NORTH

I have access to reliable subcontractors who have proven their competency over time. I am happy to service BEXLEY NORTH and all the suburbs in Sydney.

For enquiries & a FREE QUOTE, please call Mike
Mobile:0414 467 685

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